Barricading Tapes

Barricading taps often called caution tape or warning tape is a non adhesive plastic film tape used for barricading the areas in different applications. Used in security, construction and industrial applications, it has an array of use cases. The product comes in customisable colours, prints and formats.

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Promote Safety with Barricading Tapes

Barricading tapes are used in many situations to promote safety by indicating high risk areas or to mark off areas of restriction. These are specifically designed to promote the safety and well-being of others and warning against dangerous areas. If your job includes hazardous elements be sure to properly mark off unsafe areas to ensure everyone’s safety and prevent serious workplace injuries.


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Applications and Uses

Barricade tape is a visual and physical obstruction intended to warn and limit access to a work area. There are different types of tape, and you should be familiar with all of them. The two most commonly used in construction are yellow caution and red danger tape.


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Technical Specifications

PE Film
25-100 microns
25 mm - 100 mm

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