PPE Flap Double Side Tape

The zip-closing flap for the PPE coveralls need Double Sided tapes. JPPL have developed a special double sided tape with an uncoated area which makes it super easy to apply and remove the tape to the garments. The tape comes with a very high peel and shear properties which keeps the flap in place to save the person wearing the garment.

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1. High adhesion and shear strength
2. Transparent colour, works with all coveralls
3. Easy to apply
4. High shelf life


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Technical Specifications

Liner Thickness
0.60 mm (60 Microns)
Total Thickness
0.140 mm (140 Microns)
Type of Adhesive
HM Adhesive
Adhesion to Steel
1200 g per inch
Elongation at Break
400 % min.

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