An introduction to Sanitary Pad Packaging

Sanitary pad is known in different names, naming a few, menstrual pad, sanitary towel, sanitary napkin, or simply pad. It is used as an absorbent by women when they menstruate. It is often used after suffering a miscarriage, giving birth, and abortion. It is even used when women recover from any gynecological surgeries. The main goal of sanitary pads is to absorb the blood flow. It is a hygienic product overall that can be worn by women externally when they bleed. Menstrual cups & Tampons are made to control the bleeding that too internally. These are inserted into the female body so that the bleeding can be controlled. Though you need to change sanitary napkins several times a day, innovative pads need to be changed a lesser number of times than earlier times when there were no innovative products.

Packaging of sanitary pads is as important as the sanitary pads themselves. This is a hygienic feminine product that can be worn in a sensitive portion of the body. That is why manufacturers have to be extra careful while packaging the items. The packaging needs to be waterproof, temperature resistant, durable, and protective enough from bacteria & germs for qualifying as good packaging. This article is written to inform the best Indian company making the best sanitary pad packaging and it is serving quite diligently its purpose for years now.

Jagannath Polymers Pvt. Ltd. which has been making pad packaging material for years, also how the company comes with the latest designs every year to keep up with the competition. Jagannath Polymers Pvt. Ltd. is known as a leading manufacturer of sanitary pads packaging in India. It was established 20 years ago in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The company has already served more than 100 satisfied customers around the world. The company is known as a technological hub, solution provider, and researcher of packaging in the nation. The activities of the firm include making products from scratch, product advice, and delivering world-class products by doing extensive research.

One of the prime targets of this company is making innovative products without making a huge toll on the environment. The company is driven by its values and believes in professionalism in the work culture.

The company is awarded an exporter of the year 2020 small business award by the group Franchise India. JPPL has also acquired many certifications over the years, such as MSME certification, certificate of incorporation, Plex council certification, certificate of ISO 9001, ROHS certification, PMAR certification, CE certification, JIA certification, etc.

Sanitary Pad Packaging Manufacturer in India

JPPL is a name in the sanitary pads packaging manufacturing industry that is known for the timely supply & efficient packaging of the material. Their sanitary packaging pouches are meant to protect the pads from weather extremities like moisture, travel hazards, water, etc. The packages are made in a way that the inner material doesn’t get affected by humidity, light, moisture, heat, & other external factors. The pouches also protect the fragrance sanitary pads are made with and keep the pads moisture-proof all the time. The company makes sure that the pads delivered to the customer’s home are hygienic & safe to use.

Sanitary pad pouches are a great example of LLDPE & LDPE pouches. And JPPL is one of the quality manufacturers of LDPE pouches that are designed for packing sanitary pads. It is capable enough to deliver a bulk quantity that depends upon the clients’ requirements. The pouches manufactured by JPPL have bottom & side gusseting that makes the pouches look fancier & more attractive than other competitors in the market. JPPL uses highly optimized inks to match the logo of your company’s brand. The sanitary napkin wrappers that are manufactured are of high quality that matches the international standard.

Features of sanitary pad packaging pouches

The sanitary pads packaging pouches produced by the company are manufactured efficiently with the help of the highest possible technology. They have many features, such as-

  • They are economical
  • The pouches are cost-efficient
  • They are manufactured in a bulk amount & give a higher return than other market competitors, i.e., the pouches are high yield in nature.
  • The ink used for packaging & manufacturing meets the international standard making the print quality the best.
  • The company uses rotogravure printing for the outer part of the sanitary pad pouches
  • The manufacturing process adopted by the company is hygienic and it makes sure that the whole process is very clean.
  • The packaging is made using the side or bottom gusseted making the pouches look very attractive to the competitors.
  • The pouches can be customized according to the need of the customer.
  • The products are capable to carry any number & size of sanitary pads.
  • The outer display of the packaging is available in many colors.
  • The pouches are available in rolled form also.

The sanitary pad packaging manufactured by the JPPL is very high in quality. And the company has been serving the purpose for years now.


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