What Are Different Types Of Flexible Pouches

Flexible pouches are such kinds of pouches that are made for single-use purposes. It is made of metal foil, paper & plastic. We can see it used in various forms for various purposes, which range from industrial liquids to snack foods. In short, flexible pouches can be found on supermarket shelves across the world. It has become extremely popular in recent years. This can be the reason for being environment friendly & recyclable. These pouches are cheaper than metal, glass & cardboard containers. You can use them to pack everything from energy drinks to granola.

One of the positive sides of flexible pouches is that it leaves much lesser carbon footprints than the other packaging material available in the market. These pouches take up much lesser space in the landfills as well.

Types of flexible pouches:

There are many types of flexible pouches available in the market. Below are as follows:

  • Stand up pouches
  • Gusseted pouches or bottom gusset/side gusset
  • Pillow pouches
  • Liquid pouch packaging
  • 3 side seal pouches

We may think about how different types of food pouches are required as per the specific need. Among all the food pouches that are mentioned, the most popular type of food pouches is stand-up pouches, it is the most popular & largely sold in or around the world. In this article, we will discuss the different types of pouches & explain why some pouches are better than others for specific requirements.

  1. Stand-up pouches: Standup pouches perhaps the most popular pouches that are available in the market in form of flexible pouches. These pouches are known as stand-up pouches because they stand up. They are available widely in the supermarket in form of resealable granola pouches. The top part has a tear-off tab, if you remove that, you allow the package to be sealed & you can reopen it when you need it until the product inside it has been finished.
    These pouches usually have zip-lock made of plastic below the tear-off tab. It allows them to be sealed whenever required. These kinds of pouches are made for liquid packaging mainly & often feature a plastic cap that can be found on plastic water bottles.
  2. Gusseted pouches: gusseted pouches are a variation of stand-up pouches. In the case of gusseted pouches, there are semi-oval-shaped indents on both of the sides of the pouches to make them square or rectangle base. This method allows the pouches to stand up but in a different fashion than the traditional pouches.
    The tops of the pouches are folded down & pushed together repeatedly until it reaches a section with glue & sticky material. The fold has been made sticks to the glue until the customers open pouches.
  3. Pillow pouches: pillow pouches are known to be the longest-running flexible pouches in the market. Snacks like crackers, potato chips, single-serving coffee & other types of small serving food used to be packed in this way for decades. These are the most straightforward & affordable pouches available in the market. It is popular among many companies, especially in the food industry. Chips & candy are among them to be packed in the pouches.
    The longevity of the pouches has made them well known among households throughout the world. These pouches come in resealable & non-resealable variants.
  4. Liquid pouch packaging: there are several variations when it comes to the matter of liquid pouch packaging in the case of flexible pouches. These pouches can be stand-up, three side seals or dual-component pouches, or burst pouches.
    Burst pouches are the kind of pouches that are 100% clear pouches used for containing non-edible & industrial liquids & powder. Now, burst pouches are kind of dual-component pouches which contain two or more seal separated or connected pouches. Such pouches include multiple industrial liquids & powders. Liquid pouches are used to pack items like ketchup, bbq, sauce, mustard, energy drinks, supplements, etc.
  5. Three side seal pouches: 3 side seal pouches are made of metal foil of two pieces. One side is metal & the other side clear plastic. The two sheets of the material are put on top of each other & then sealed by heat on three of the sides. the top & bottom of the pouches is left open so that it can be filled. This facility makes it easier for the customers to open the pouch after they have purchased it. these kinds of packing pouches are used to pack spices, meat, pet food, cannabis & various other variant & non-variant products.

These 3 side seal pouches are equipped with resealable zippers & hang holes. They are similar to those which can be found in stand-up pouches.

Above are a few of the flexible pouches are discussed that can address your need based on the requirement.


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