C Folded Void Fill Paper

When packing the product in corrugated boxes, care must be taken to ensure that the product remains intact and does not move during transport. For this, a Void Fill packaging system is used, through which the empty spaces are filled with Void Fill paper, which provides extreme protection and padding of the product, keeping it safe throughout the delivery process. C-fold paper is commonly used to fill empty spaces in packaging boxes. It is also known as continuous paper or C-fold paper. Made from 100% biodegradable Kraft paper, it's a great choice for an eco-friendly packaging solution.
It is an alternative to air cushions, bubble wrap and foam due to its durability and high protection; it has largely replaced other packaging fillers such as air cushions, bubble wrap or foam. It also has a very good compression property that can withstand shocks during transportation without damaging the product.

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Kraft paper raw material comes from renewable resources and can be easily recycled hence it reduces packaging waste. This makes C-fold void-fill paper the most cost-effective and sustainable packaging solution.


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1. Sustainability: The C-fold void fill paper is made from 100% biodegradable kraft paper, making it a sustainable packaging material. It is non-toxic to the environment and can be easily recycled.

2. High Protection: C fold void fill paper provides extreme cushioning and compression performance that protects your product from any kind of wear and tear during transit.

3. Lightweight: C filler paper is lightweight, so it doesn't increase shipping costs, and it's an ideal filler material to protect goods in packing boxes.

4. Cost Effective: C fold paper filler is made from renewable resources and can be easily recycled, making it an economical packaging solution. 

5. Easy to Use: The C-folded void filler paper is extremely easy to use as it already has creases which form the excellent padding along the edges of the product and cartons, keeping it safe in transit.

6. Reducing packaging waste: C-folded void fill paper does not have pre-cut lengths, so it can be used according to your needs. Thus it reduces packaging waste because it is used optimally. 

7. No Machine Required: C fold paper for void filling does not require any additional machinery or type of equipment for its application.

8. Compact: C fold paper to fill voids is a compact wrapping tool that doesn't take up much space as it doesn't require heavy machinery or equipment. It comes in a folded package that is easy to carry and compact to store.

9. Speed: Filling voids with C-fold paper is a quick process, which translates to fast packing and high efficiency in the workplace.

10. Multiple products in one: C-fold filler paper provides the flexibility to pack more than one product in the same packaging box, as filler paper is used to give products extra protection and keep them intact so that they do not move. Transit and collapse with each other.

The many benefits of C-fold filler paper set it apart from other wrapping fillers. People are becoming more sensitive to nature and are opting for sustainable packaging solutions that protect the environment while fulfilling the purpose of the packaging. C-folded void filler paper is such an environmentally friendly packaging tool that makes it easier to protect products during transportation and ensure the safe delivery of goods without any damage.


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