Double Side Foam Tapes

When you talk about the double side foam tapes, you can find several uses out of them in different sectors of life. They can be used for the purpose of sticking two surfaces together, for the purpose of insulation, or many others.

Today, these double side foam tapes are highly in demand in various industries such as packaging, electricals, and many others. Experts have found several benefits of these tapes due to which they are now being used in different industries for different purposes.

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It Replaces Mechanical Fasteners

There are several times when you may require to install a particular item for a temporary basis such as a nameplate somewhere. For these temporary options, installation with the use of mechanical fasteners can cost you as much as permanent options. Hence, one of the best ways that one can try is to make use of the double side foam tapes for such type of installations. These tapes are quite strong in that they can tolerate the weight of metal plates for a temporary basis of a few hours to a few days.


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Speedy Assembly and Installation

When you are installing a panel or something similar to it with nails and screws, it can take quite some time. You have to first arrange for the fittings and then have to install the panel making use of the nails, rivets, and screws that you have arranged on the surface. This process can speed up when you are making use of the double side foam tapes. All you need to do is to take out the tape and paste it on the surface and paste the panel or any other items that you wish to install.


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And What's More?

Reduced Injuries:


Another thing that you may have to face while installing the panels with the use of rivets and screws is injuries. While hammering a nail or a screw, you may land up hurting yourself. Thus, for such mechanisms, you will require someone who is well-trained in the process.


But things get quite convenient and free from such injuries when you make use of other alternatives such as the double side foam tapes. There is no such requirement of any heavy machines or tools while you are making use of the tape. You can peel and paste the tape and can paste the surfaces on it to install the fixture that you wish to.


Thermal Changes:


Have you noticed that a number of times some mechanical fasteners tend to either loosen or expand due to a change in temperature. This creates trouble for the panel or the item that is installed with the help of such fasteners too. Once again, the double side foam tapes can be of great help here because they are resistant to such thermal changes.


The change in temperature does not have an impact on the tape and they do not change in shape or size. Thus, once you have installed something using the double side foam tape, you do not worry about any kind of thermal expansion hampering it.


Rattling Resistant:


What happens when there is a vibration on the surface where a panel is attached using a mechanical fastener? If it is a screw-like hook or so, the item that is hung on it may fall down due to the vibration or any other kind of movement. But again this does not happen when the double side foam tape is used for the installation purpose.


The tape is resistant to such rattling. Thus, any kind of vibration or similar movement does not affect the tape and the installed item stays intact at its place.


Smoother Finish:


The double side foam tape also offers a much smoother finish than the use of mechanical hooks and other options. In place of a raised head, there will be a much smoother finish.


Quality Product from Quality Provider


Double side foam tapes are known to offer a wide range of benefits as they have several beneficial properties and features such as mentioned above. But the user can enjoy all these benefits only if the right tape is selected. It is important to select a high-quality tape from a good service provider in order to enjoy such features and gain desirable results.


JPPL promises to offer high-quality double-side foam tape with the best quality material and strong adhesive. Not only the service provider offers a high-quality product but also offers the tape in different dimensions depending upon the requirements that you have. You just have to get in touch with the experts to let know the exact dimensions that you wish to have so that they can offer you the best-quality options that are exactly suitable for your requirement. Also, you can stay assured as JPPL is also known to offer these high-quality tape options at a much reasonable price.


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