Glass Gazing Tapes / VHB Tapes

If one looks for permanent bonding tape, glass gazing tape or VHB tape is the best one from the lot. VHB tape or glass gazing tape is the kind of tape that can withstand any weather extremities, like extreme temperature or weather condition. In many countries, high bonding tapes like VHB are a great alternative to rivets, screws & welds. It has the power to adhere to two subjects permanently; it also spreads the stress load across the length of the joint of two subjects. Once those two things are joined, the indestructible formation is created by the tape.


If you consider this kind of tape as the traditional foam tapes, you will be wrong. VHB tapes are examples of very high bonding tapes which are made from an acrylic polymer material that is combined for making one kind of substance. The tape has no separate backing, but instead, it has a thick material that is made to bond with a variety of surfaces. These kinds of tapes are made to address those situations where the permanent bond is expected & needed. However, it needs more than 72 hours for the bond to become almost indestructible. The tapes are commonly applicable to outdoor signs, furniture manufacturing, aerospace application, automotive products, etc.

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What is the Use of Very High Bonding Tapes?

Very high bonding tapes VHB is widely used by engineers for ages for bonding of plastics, sealing metals & plastics to increase durability & productivity and also improve appearance. These tapes are stronger than other construction adhesives & it provides needed specs & certificates. For example, hotels in Dubai that are built with glass panels in the outer part are installed using glass gaze or VHB tapes that are made to withstand tough weather conditions like desert storms. Another example is that most of the aluminum trailer skins now use glass gazing tapes as they are stronger than the rivets.


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The most important feature of the VHB tapes or glass gazing tapes manufactured by the company is they are cost-efficient yet of superior quality if we compare with that of other manufacturers. Below are a few features of glass gazing tapes manufactured by the company:


- These tapes can withstand situations where high dynamic situations are involved.

- These tapes are mostly transparent.

- VHB tapes can be applied to any situation or temperature, from 0-100 degrees C.

- A few other components are bonded before the powder coating so that it can withstand higher temperatures for general purposes, like, interior & exterior industrial applications.

- They have softer cores that are suited for textured surfaces.


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Below are a few benefits of glass gazing tapes:


- You do not require any drill or riveting. Neither do you require liquid adhesive or weld distortion. Even after using you need no clean-up around the area.

- The tapes separate dissimilar metals, hence prevent corrosion.

- The tapes are invisible & it eliminates any unsightly rivets, screw-heads, spot welds, or any possibility of bolts & nuts.

- The tapes manufactured by the company meet a wide range of requirements that are needed for tough applications. Such as metals, glass, woods, other composites & many plastics.

- The VHB tapes also eliminate damp vibration & reduce noises.

- They have an excellent capability of resisting solvent & salt waters.

- The manufacturer ensures that the tapes bond & seal in extreme environments.

- The tapes also compensate for thermal expansion & they contract the bonded parts.

- The tapes efficiently distribute stress which works great excellent for thin materials.

- The tapes reduce assembly costs. Hence, profit-making units can make profits out of them.

- The tapes are fast, easy to clean & very simple while applying.


If you are looking for glass gazing tapes or VHB tapes for industrial or personal uses, look no further. Jagannath polymer Pvt. Ltd. is the best option to cater to your need.


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How These Manufactured

VHB tapes manufactured by JPPL are considered among the family of double-sided foam tapes that are made from high-performance acrylic adhesives. These tapes are capable of forming bonds with greater strength with excthgeptional durability. The tapes also have higher elasticity than other traditional double-sided foam tapes. The kind of glass gazing tapes the company makes include tapes that have different core construction with a variety of adhesives. The VHB tapes manufactured by JPPL use closed cell technology that provides outstanding resistance to the extreme environment with durability. The company ensures that it provides its customers superior glass gazing tapes with superior performance that can be used for replacing mechanical fasteners to join two or more materials.


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Few Facts About JPPL

The article is written to discuss the glass gazing tapes or VHB tapes that Jagannath Polymers Pvt. Ltd. has been making. Jagannath Polymers Pvt. Ltd., abbreviated as JPPL, has excelled in making glass gazing tapes for years. The company is a leading manufacturer of glass gazing tapes in India. It was established in the early 2000s in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The company is a proud server of more than 100 satisfied clients around the world. The company is known to be a solution provider, a researcher & it is considered among the technological hubs of packaging in the nation. The activities of the firm apart from manufacturing products include giving product advice, making products from the scratch, inventing new products & the top priority is delivering world-class products through extensive research.


One of the main targets the company sets for is making innovative products without taking any huge toll on the environment. The company has values that give priority to professionalism in the work culture.


The company was awarded several awards, including the exporter of the year 2020 in the small business category award by an institute named Franchise India. It has also gathered many certifications over the years, to name a few, ROHS certification, PMAR certification, certificate of ISO 9001, certificate of incorporation, MSME certification, Plex council certification, CE certification, JIA certification, etc.


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