Honeycomb Paper Sheets

Honeycomb is a reliable, cost-effective custom kraft paper material that has proven ideal for many applications including packaging, pallets, drainage, furniture interiors and signage displays. Even the cell phone sheet is made from recycled paper and is 100% recyclable. Depending on the application, these plates come in a variety of forms such as hollow fillers, bottles, spacers and pads. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications.

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The basic honeycomb shape offers several unique features.
1. It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio. 
2. It has the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio 
3. Predictable tensile strength and uniform compression. 
4. Take applications in-line with low cubic input and high output
5. It has a low impact on the environment and society and a positive impact on the economy.


For designers, the honeycomb is a structural product with unique properties that can be used to create new products, improve existing products, and solve design problems. For industrial applications, Honeycomb offers continuous cost savings. Paper Cell Core 3 is physically usable. Unexpanded continuous honeycomb core. This form is efficient and economical for large users. Rolling cores transported in continuous pallet loading are hundreds of m2 when mechanically expanded at the point of use. The cut is not open. Certain industries require specially cut pieces of honeycomb for their application. Size can be used when expanding locally pre-folded sheets. This type includes an extended section and is manufactured to exact dimensions, length, width and height according to the customer's application.


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1. It is the best substitute for wood and thermocol (EPS).
2. This product is 100% recyclable, single-material cardboard packaging, which promises to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. 
3. Reduces packaging costs as no additional packaging materials are required. It also reduces warehouse space and manpower.
4. Wood and EPS/Styrofoam are finding a wider range of new applications as efficient alternatives.
5. Fully recyclable and biodegradable.
6. It is strong and offers high resistance to vertical compression.
7. The light weight of the material reduces transport and handling costs.
8. Except for the ISPM 15 standard, decontamination is not required.
9. Easy and safe to handle and use.
10. Effective materials and methods to fulfil our responsibility to protect the environment and the earth.


Paper honeycomb, or "honeycomb" as it is commonly known, has best-in-class properties, combining high strength and stiffness due to the unique shape of the hexagonal cells. Strength and stiffness go hand in hand with the very low air weight per cubic meter. These functional elements make paper honeycomb an attractive alternative for designers of protective packaging or used as a base material for the production of doors, acoustic walls, display panels and furniture.

The added bonus to these functional advantages is reliability. Paper is a basic material with an overall low environmental impact. Replacing packaging and construction materials that have an overall high environmental impact with paper bales can directly reduce the environmental impact of a packaging solution or product design. 

Paper honeycomb offers a wide range of creative solutions and applications for many industries, such as automotive, construction and consumer electronics, or transport and logistics in general. Visual design solutions for furniture and other stylish interior items are also possible. Paper honeycomb is an alternative to packaging and product design, inspired by trees and bees, and available to any designer or engineer who wants to create innovative solutions. About 95% open space.


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1. Load dividers between pallets 
2. Replacing expensive plywood
3. Enhanced cushioning and protection 
4. Delivery of goods without damage. 


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