Honeycomb Paper Wrap

Sustainable Packaging is opening a room for innovative revolution in the packaging industry. One such economical packaging solution that promotes sustainability is Honeycomb Paper Wrap. Widely known to be used for filling up the void spaces in packaging boxes for high protection, Honeycomb Paper Wrap is growing as the best alternative for Bubble Wrap.

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Honeycomb Paper Wrap is Bio-Degradable!

Made with 100% recycled paper, Honeycomb Paper wrap is bio-degradable, hence it meets the norms of eco-friendly packaging and becoming a first choice of the industry. It has a honeycomb style pattern over its surface that ensures cushioning around the product and delivers extreme protection during transit.


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Honeycomb Paper Wrap - Benefits

Below are the numerous benefits that makes Honeycomb Paper Wrap an ideal packaging solution:

1. Eco-Friendly: Honeycomb Paper Wrap is completely made from Kraft Paper which is bio-degradable and Compostable material. It can be easily recycled and use very little energy in production, which makes it a perfect sustainable packaging solution.


2. Lightweight: Honeycomb Paper is lightweight, thus it reduces the volume of weight in your shipment while giving high protection to the product.


3. Cost-Effective: Due to its easy and recycled production, Honeycomb Paper Wrap is a cost-effective packaging solution. Also, it doesn’t require any additional arrangements or types of equipment for its application.


4. Compact & Space Efficient: Honeycomb Paper Wrap is extremely easy to store due to its amazing flex and stretchability. It also takes less storage space as compared to bubble wrap. It is generally kept in rolls of 250 meters that can be used with a dispenser. Hence, it utilizes the packaging space very efficiently and can be set up in a convenient space to promote hassle-free packaging.


5. Effective Wrapping: Due to its flexibility, Honeycomb Paper Wrap easily fits the shape of the products. It is also well known to protect oddly shaped products by covering each and every corner of the product. Its elastic nature makes it feasible to wrap it close to the edges of the products which ensures high protection and cushioning at the time of transit.


6. No additional types of equipment are required: Honeycomb Paper Wrap is itself enough to ensure safe and efficient packaging. It doesn’t require any additional glue, tape or cutting tools to ensure protection. Instead, it fills the void spaces in the packaging boxes so effectively that the product remains intact. It doesn’t even add to volumes of weight as it is very lightweight.


7. Easy Application: Honeycomb Paper comes in a roll that can be easily used for wrapping the products even if they are in unorthodox shapes. The paper is stretched and wrapped around the required items layer by layer to ensure protection.


8. High Protection: Honeycomb Paper ensures high protection to the products and safeguards it from any damage during the course of transit due to enough cushioning. Along with protecting it from dust and dirt, it also ensures an anti-scratch effect and keeps the product intact in the packaging boxes.


9. Replacement to Plastic Bubble Wrap: Honeycomb Paper is emerging as the most economical and sustainable packaging solution and is widely considered as a great alternative to plastic bubble wrap as it incorporates all the major properties of bubble wrap along with eco-friendliness.


10. Multiple Uses: Honeycomb Paper Wrap is widely used for the packaging of various products ranging from fragile items to oddly shaped ones. It is best used for packaging delicate goods and fine surfaces like wine box packaging, artwork, ceramics, glass products, photo frames, pictures, mirrors, plates and dishes, furniture pieces, and cosmetics.


Hence, Honeycomb Paper Wrap is the best combination of effective packaging and eco-friendliness. Due to its extreme flexibility, cost-effectiveness, high protection, advanced cushioning and recyclability, businesses are adopting it quickly as the most sustainable and economical packaging solution.


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