How Plastic Has Revolutionised Road Construction

Plastic roads are roads that are made entirely of plastic or the derivatives of plastic thus replacing the traditional asphalt in concrete material.

Roads made of plastic or employ plastic aggregates have shown to be of superior quality than the asphalt counterparts not only because they are more resistant to wear and tear but can also resist rain and other calamities.

The plastics used to create these roads are often typical post-consumer goods like JPPL’s food packaging. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (PP), and high and low density polyethylene are some of the most popular plastics used in packaging (HDPE and LDPE). These products are isolated from plastic waste before being used.

These are then shredded, dried and melted and added to the raw material used for making Road.


  1. The plastic in making roads decreases the use of asphalt which contributes to 2% of carbon emission worldwide.
  2. Since plastics come in a wide variety of products, they can be engineered in ways to meet different kinds of needs depending on the environment.
  3. Plastic roads can be assembled and deassembled easily on the construction site if they are made into interlocking pieces that is bringing in the ease of construction.
  4. The addition of superior quality plastic like JPPL’s in asphalt concrete mix can reduce the viscosity or thickness of the mix. This allows a lower working temperature, which lowers emissions of greenhouse gases and is easier for construction workers to handle.
  5. Plastic mix does not absorb water, have better flexibility and malleability which results in less rutting and less need for repair. Road surfaces remain smooth, are lower maintenance, and absorb sound better. Moreover using plastic waste packaging is much cheaper than using asphalt.
  6. Thus plastic roads are of higher quality, Require less construction time, and can be engineered into innovative ways, is more sustainable, reduces emission of greenhouse gases and can meet all kinds of needs!

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