Introduction to Proper Use of Industrial Floor Marking Tapes

Floor marking tape is widely used by manufacturing units and in industrial spaces to mark any territory, to provide direction, mark any hazard, to divide any spaces & to create an aisle. It is often called a tricky subject by factories & warehouses. Floor marking tapes are widely available in different shapes, colors, patterns & sizes. There are a few floor marking tapes that glow in dark. But simple straight-line ones are the most popular.

Introduction guide to floor marking tape

Industrial floor markings are mainly used for the safety of employees & pieces of equipment. It is used to mark an area where it is safe to walk, work, etc. It can be used in the industrial area to mark areas so that people can identify the spot they should ignore. It is also used for the employees to understand where inventories should be stored & kept. It is also even used to mark the exit area from where people can leave in an emergency. In this article, we will briefly discuss the floor marking tapes & how it can be used to mark in an industrial area.

Types of floor marking materials

There are two types of floor marking materials. They are tapes & paints. Both of them are widely used in the industry to serve the same purpose. But while choosing what to use to mark the area, it is important to choose the material according to your need. You must evaluate your need for floor marking to choose between tapes & paints. Floor marking paint has a few disadvantages over floor marking tapes, such as floor marking paint takes a long time for application, as well as it takes a lot of time for drying. Floor marking tapes are less expensive than floor marking paints. Tapes are sturdier & can be applied anywhere compared to paints. Tapes can be applied in every environment & can withstand every rough situation.

Benefits of floor marking tapes

Floor tapes have many benefits. It can be customized according to the need of the clients. Some of the benefits of floor marking tapes are-

  1. No Fumes: It doesn’t release fumes during application on the floor like floor painting does.
  2. Easy installation: Floor marking tape is easy to install, one just needs a roller to press while applying on the floor.
  3. Customizable: Floor tapes can be customized in any color, shape & size according to the need of the customer.
  4. Inexpensive: Floor marking tapes are inexpensive compared to the other tools that mark the floor.
  5. Durable: Floor marking tapes are durable. It can last years if not torn or burnt.
    Indicates hazards: Floor marking tapes indicates hazards and reduces the number of accidents.
  6. Easy to access: It is easy to access first aid or equipment in any marked area. Also, it is easy to exit in any event of an emergency.
  7. Reduce confusion: It marks any hazardous area, so it reduces any confusion in case of any emergency event.
  8. Easy to navigate: It is easy to navigate any marked area around any large area.
  9. Easy to understand: it provides universal signs & visual messages which are not affected by any language barriers.
  10. Don’t obstruct: the marking tapes are so thin that do not obstruct access or come in the way.

Manual Application of Floor marking tapes

The floor marking tapes can be applied in a straight line to mark any territory. But you have to make sure that it goes on properly & in a straightway. Floor tapes for manual application come differently. It is usually manufactured as a large roll so that it can easily be spread over a large area. The backside of the tape has a protective film and it prevents the tape from sticking before application. Once decided where to apply the tape, the following procedures have to be followed for a seamless application.

  • First thing first, you must draw a guidance line using a chalk or laser line so that a perfectly straight line can be followed.
  • Second, you have to spread the tape along the guidance line before sticking it to the ground.
  • Once the perfect position is achieved, you can stick the tape in the ground by spreading it out & cutting it with a sharp scissor or razor.
  • Now, you have to remove the protective film that is stick to the back of the tape to stick to the ground. Now carefully, stick it to the edge of the line in the exact center of the tape.
  • Now, slowly start applying the tape along the line & start pressing it to the ground & ensure that the tape strongly sticks to the floor.
  • Do not move more protective films than you need at a time, make sure to move down the line 2-4 feet at a time.
  • Once the tape is applied make sure to apply some pressure so that the tape sticks very easily, try walking over it, or run over a lightweight electric vehicle over it.
  • Even after applying full pressure, the tape is still not ready to use. You may have to wait for another 24 hours for the tape to be fully bonded with the floor before driving or too many people walking over it.

Application of floor marking tapes with Tape Applicator

If you have a very large area to cover, choosing the manual option will not be a wise move. But with the tape applicator, you can stick tape without any hassle.

Floor tape applicators look like a small steam roller. You just have to put the tape roll inside it, and then roll it over the floor and it will be automatically applied on the area you want it to be put.

The device has two support wheels in the back which ensure that the line goes straightway.
The device allows you to apply the tape in the shortest possible time.

The tool saves from many problems while applying, such as accidental curves & blubbing, etc.


The utility of marking tape goes a long way. You can find out plenty of other reasons to work this out. The marking tape if applied carefully, can fetch many benefits itself.

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