Kraft Paper Tapes

With the innovative development in Packaging Industry, Sustainable Packaging Tools have secured their roots in the market. Kraft Paper Tape is one such Packaging Tool that is in high demand. Made with Flat Back Paper which is coated with Strong Adhesive ensures high adhesion strength.


Made with 100% recycled paper, Kraft Paper Tapes is bio-degradable, hence it meets the norms of eco-friendly packaging and becoming a first choice of the industry. It has a honeycomb style pattern over its surface that ensures cushioning around the product and delivers extreme protection during transit.

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It's Economical, Eco-Friendly and Efficient!

It is an economical and eco-friendly approach for smooth packaging. It affixes itself neatly to packaging boxes and ensures security and high tensile strength because of the fiberglass threads used in making Kraft Paper Tapes.


Due to Strong Adhesive, it sticks efficiently to the packaging boxes and will not open up until you rip it. Thus, Kraft Paper Tapes has come up as a sustainable packaging solution to deter pilfering or tampering. It is suitable for packing overfilled and heavier cartons due to its durability of long-lasting adhesive.


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Alternative to Plastic, PVC or Polypropylene Tapes!

Kraft Paper Tape has emerged as a great alternative to plastic, PVC or Polypropylene Tapes. Being made from Kraft Paper, even the adhesive used in Kraft Paper Tape is water-based or natural rubber based which is eco-friendly and sustainable in their production, hence it is extremely easy to recycle it.


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Kraft Paper Tape - Benefits

Kraft Paper Tape comes with numerous benefits which differentiate it from other packaging tapes. These are:

1. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Kraft Paper Tape is made of 100% Recyclable, Biodegradable and compostable material that makes it a sustainable packaging tool.


2. Strong Adhesive: It has a strong adhesive that provides extreme protection to the packaging boxes. It cannot be easily peeled off, you have to rip it off to remove it. Hence, it ensures high efficacy in packaging.


3. Moisture Resistant: Kraft Paper Tapes can withstand extreme climatic conditions like rain due to their moisture-resistant properties. Hence, your package stays secure during transit.


4. Odorless: Kraft Paper Tapes does not have any adhesive odors, hence it is a perfect choice while packaging the food products.


5. Feasible: Kraft Paper Tapes get stuck to any kind of product or boxes whether it’s a new carton or old recycled cardboard that has dirt or dusty surfaces.


6. Easy Application: You don’t need to put layers of Kraft Paper Tapes to ensure durability, only one strip of tape is enough to secure your package from any wear and tear.


7. Printable Surface: Kraft Paper Tapes have a printable surface, hence you can print your logo or company name on it to ensure professional packaging method and brand value.


8. Prevents Pilferage: Kraft Paper Tapes ensure packaging with Strong Adhesive that keeps the carton intact and prevents pilferage during transit.


9. Multiple Uses: Kraft Paper Tapes is widely used for carton sealing, packing, silk screening, picture framing, freezer tape, leasing, splicing and tabbing.


10. Lightweight: Kraft Paper Tape is a great solution if you are looking to reduce weight in packing material. Due to its easy and long-lasting application, there is no requirement for any additional packaging hence it reduces the overhead packing expenses.


Hence, if you are looking for a simple yet effective packaging tool, then Kraft Paper Tapes is the one that you should go for. Apart from providing strong sealing to the packages or cartons, it is the most ideal and sustainable packaging solution that meets the industry’s environmental standard and passes on the message of the business of being sensitive to Mother Earth.


Also, its extreme resistance to water or climatic conditions makes it a perfect choice to safeguard your package boxes or shipments from any sort of wear and tear. This ensures safety and protection to the products and avoids any sealing failure. As it is pressure-sensitive, it can be easily applied on any of the boxes which are not filled with hard goods and are widely preferred for the products which are loose or not very stackable. Giving extreme benefits to the packaging industry, Kraft Paper Tape is a leading packaging solution that industries are adopting to promote sustainability along with economical and efficient packaging tools.


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