Milk Films

Milk film is made using specially formulated LDPE. As we know Milk requires an extra protection as it attracts more bacteria then water or any other form of liquid , so JPPL team manufactures superior quality , high yield film that is very convenient to use and is good for the milk inside. JPPL milk pouches are waterproof and durable and these are made from superior quality of raw material to give milk an extra life compared to conventional methods. It is printed with highly optimized inks for deep freeze application.

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Milk film is an LDPE film processed by multilayer blown film extrusion.
In general, LDPE is used in dairy packaging and is popular for applications where heat sealing is required due to its toughness, flexibility, relative clarity and lowest softening point.

These films can be printed or unprinted, natural or opaque. 
Different polymers can be added to each of the three layers to meet the food grade requirements to meet the customer's individual requirement
Milk requires extra protection as it attracts more bacteria than water and other liquid products. That is why there is a need of  high quality high barrier films that are very practical and suitable for the milk inside. Perfect for milk cartons.


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Milk is a common commodity and a necessity in every household. It is also known to attract bacteria more easily compared to other liquids. In such a case, effective packaging guarantees extra life to the milk packed.

Our milk films show all the requisite characteristics as they are:


Superior Quality:

Milk films we make never fall behind in quality. The material used is always unparalleled and only the best available to make sure it proves good for the milk inside.


High Yield:

It is our priority to create films that ensure a good lifespan and high yield. Milk pouches we create undergo several quality checks before asserting their presence in the market.



Our milk films are waterproof and get rid of excess ice or water easily through the use of optimal quality LDPE. We always make sure that the quality of raw materials used remains up to the mark.



Milk films are durable and do not easily contract wear and tear to make sure the packaging, distribution, and consumption process are hassle-free.


Inked to Perfection:

Special quality optimized inks are used so that they can thrive in all atmospheres from hot delivery vans to deep freezers without the colors fading away.


Great Sealing

We have mastered the art of perfect sealing through years of experience to make sure you never face a spill you regret. Each package goes through a careful check before making its way to you.


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Raw Material for Milk Packaging Film
In the last few years, in order to maintain the quality of the milk, treating the milk at very high temperatures to extend its life. Ultra-high temperatures are still used today in the global dairy and dairy markets. Therefore, a need has arisen to produce superior packaging materials for packaging this milk. HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) is widely used and all over the world, it is designed specifically for packaging UHT (Ultra High Temperature) milk and dairy products.


Application of Milk Foil:

• Advantages of milk films are economic and freshness.
• Manufacturers can easily change portion sizes to reduce packaging costs.
• Milk cartons take up less space in the trash can. For consumers, pouches typically allow for smaller serving sizes, which theoretically reduces the risk of spoilage as well as space and storage in the refrigerator.


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Technical Specifications

The pouches are customized to client needs with multicolor printing and sizes. Our product can be made capable to pack any quantity of oil with designated shelf life as required by buyer depending on supply chain.

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