Oil or Grease Pouches

Oil pouches is made on sophisticated plant with the use of new age advance raw material offer high seal strength, good hot tack properties combined with excellent dart impact to withstand the vigorous of transportation. JPPL oil film is based on nylon structure to give more strength and zero leakage guarantee and to make sure the taste, aroma, flavor, colour, texture and integrity of your edible oil products remain intact behind those layers of excellence.

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Tensile Strength and Leakproof

With advanced film technology, oil pouches are made with multiple layers of film that protect them from direct moisture, air and sunlight that helps to maintain the original quality of the oil. Its tensile strength and torn resistance keep it safe during transit and protect them from any leakage or puncture. These oil pouches are available in various dimensions to suit the requirements of various oil industries. It is the most economical and sustainable packaging solution for oil or grease products as barrier films ensure its durability and make it easily transportable. The pouches can also be customised as per the brand name of the company for marketing purposes. Also, our advanced technological equipment has made down gauging feasible in multiple specifications so that oil industries can get the best of the packaging for their oil or grease products.


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1. Multiple Layer of Barrier Films: Oil or Grease Pouches are made of multiple layers of barrier films that protect the oil from leakage or burst.


2. Torn Resistant: Advanced Film Technology gives increased tensile strength to the oil pouches and makes them torn-resistant and tamper-proof. 


3. Supreme Aroma Retention Power: The pouches are sealed packed and protected from punctures, odours, moistures, air, gas and light which helps to keep the product quality intact. 


4. No Spillage: Its barrier films protect the oil and avoid any spillage which helps in the easy and smooth transportation of oil products. 


5. Cost Effective: Oil pouches can easily be recycled. Hence, it is considered the most economical and highly protective oil packaging solution. 


6. Printable Pouches: The oil pouches can be printed in the name of oil industries, hence marking the brand name on the oil products for attractive packaging that makes the product stand out. 


7. Standardised Pouches: The Pouches are compatible with all the standards and norms of oil packaging. Hence, these are the standardised pouches that can be adopted by every oil industry. 


8. Customised Size: Oil Pouches can be manufactured with different specifications. Hence, the oil industries can customise the size of the pouches as per their requirement. 


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Packaging of Oil or Grease Products: Oil pouches are widely used in the packaging of oil or grease products to protect the product from any spillage or damage due to direct contact with air, sunlight, gases, odours or moisture. This ensures that the oil products are safely transported with no leakage or burst. Multiple layers of the film ensure that the pouches are torn-resistant and tamper-proof. These are lighter in weight and allow easy dispensing of liquid products. These pouched are quality process certified hence, it’s becoming the most demanding and effective packaging solution among various oil industries.


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Technical Specifications

The pouches are customized to client needs with multicolor printing and sizes. Our product can be made capable to pack any quantity of oil with designated shelf life as required by buyer depending on supply chain.


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