Paper Packing List Envelopes

Paper Packing List Envelop plays an important role while shipping any goods from one place to another as it can withhold important documents or invoices and protect them from any wear and tear during transit. Paper Packing List Envelop, also known as Document Enclosed, Doculopes Invoices Enclosed Envelopes are the need of today’s era as the E-Commerce Industry is on boom and tons of products are shipped from one origin to another. Safeguarding the documents and avoiding the risk of misplacing the parcel due to lack of documents or information is the reason for increasing demand for Paper Packing List Envelopes.

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Paper Packing List Envelopes are now 100% Recyclable!

To ensure Environment Sustainability, Paper Packing List Envelopes are now available in 100% recycled paper. It is made up of recyclable inner adhesive paper and a silicone-coated paper. It incorporates a special hot-melt adhesive that ensures high durability as it is not easily detachable. Being a biodegradable, recyclable and compostable substance, it qualifies the requirements of NF Environment Standard 316 for postal envelopes. It has become an integral part of eliminating plastic and introducing sustainable packaging solutions in the industry. As the raw materials are obtained from renewable resources, Paper Packing List Envelopes help in the reduction of waste.


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Paper Packing List Envelopes - Benefits

Paper Packing List Envelopes are known for their numerous benefits like:

1. Easy Application: Paper Packing List Envelopes have an easy-peel paper backing that is very quick and easy to apply as all you need to do is peel off the paper and stick it to the product box with soft hand pressure. No additional arrangements or types of equipment are required.


2. 100% Recyclable Product: Paper Packing List Envelopes are 100% recyclable material. Paper is made up of chlorine-free bleached pulp which is eco-friendly and promotes sustainability.


3. Strong Adhesive: Paper Packing List Envelopes have hot melt adhesive which is very strong and durable. It can withstand rough weather conditions and regular wear and tear that occurs in transit.


4. Ensure Safety: Your documents, invoices or other informative paper are completely safe and protected in Paper Packing List Envelopes due to their high durability in nature. Hence, the risk of misplacement and stealing is reduced due to intact information on the shipment.


5. Resist Climatic Conditions: Paper Packing List Envelopes can resist extreme climatic conditions, hence keeping your documents safe from any wear and tear.


6. Safe Delivery of Shipment: Through Paper Packing List you can attach Safety Notices, Invoices and other information clearly visible on the shipment that helps in avoiding any confusion or misplacing the packaging box during transit.


7. Reduce Packaging Waste: Renewable Resources are used to procure the raw material of Paper Packing List Envelopes which is 100% recyclable, hence it leads to a reduction in Packaging Waste.


Hence, Paper Packing List Envelopes has become a basic requirement for shipping any product as enclosing the required documents provides clear information related to the product description, handling procedures, and invoices that ensure that the product reaches the right destination in the right condition. It keeps your product intact and untouched while reducing the chances of misplacement. Also, the documents remain safe during transit due to the strong adhesive that sticks to the surface and cannot be removed until the whole packaging is destroyed.


Paper Packing List Envelopes are available in two variants: Transparent and Opaque. It is also available in different dimensions and you can select your packing envelope as per your requirements.


Due to its numerous benefits in shipment and environmental sustainability, it is becoming a leading packaging tool in E-commerce, Logistics and Import-Export industries. So, if you also have a trading business, then safeguard your shipments and meet the sustainability standards with Paper Packing List Envelopes from Jagannath Polymers.


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