Plastic Packaging Material Manufacturer – JPPL

Jagannath Polymers has now proven itself to be one of the leading names in packaging sectors not just in India but also outside the country. Apart from the packaging sector, the company has made its name prominent in many other sectors too lately. As the company is about to complete its 25 years this year, it is gaining more popularity in packaging as well as other industries.

Packaging and Pouches:

The need for various packaging and pouches is constant and is regularly increasing. Different industries require different types of packaging and pouches. Jagannath Polymers have been making films of different materials that are used for manufacturing diverse packaging items and pouches.

Till now the company has been offering its packaging and pouch options to different industries such as food packaging pouch, sanitary napkins pouch, packets for oil & grease, milk, and others. The company has been also specialized in manufacturing other items such as air-cushion film, specialty plastic films, and others.

Options in Tapes:

With the increasing number of e-commerce businesses, the demand for various options such as packing list envelopes has increased. Today most of e-commerce service providers make use of these envelopes and other options such as the BOPP tapes for securing the packaging properly.

Apart from such tapes, Jagannath Polymers have been also manufacturing various other tape options such as the floor marking tape and similar others. The company has been an expert also in manufacturing and supplying other tape options too such as the seam sealing tape that is using today for various options such as PPE kits, and others.


We does not just stop at packaging materials and tapes. It also excels in the manufacturing of diverse types of adhesives. Whether it is rubber-based adhesives of the tape water-based adhesive, the company offers the best quality in the market. The experts make sure to offer a product that is high in quality and is appropriate for the requirements of the client.

About the Company:

Jagannath Polymers has been now in the industry for about 25 years with valued ethics and high-quality products. Based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, the company has till now served to more than 100 customers. The company has been offering reliable products in the category of polymer, adhesives, and more to some of the renowned clients in the country. With each passing day, the company is gaining more clients to its list and is spreading outs is popularity across the nation.

Jagannath Polymers is driven by ethics and this can be noticed also in the quality of their products. Whether it is the adhesive section or the packaging section, they make sure to offer the best quality to the clients. This has only made them stand out from many other manufacturers in the country. The company not just offers the best quality products to its clients but also makes sure about taking care of the workers and the environment while manufacturing such products in the factories. No doubt they are gaining exposure now also in overseas locations apart from India.

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