Sanitary Napkin Packaging Pouches

Sanitary napkin are one of most popular use for LDPE/LLDPE pouches. JPPL is capable to serve LDPE pouches designed for packing of sanitary napkins. These pouches contain bottom / side gusseting which makes the pouches looking better than any competition. JPPL uses highly optimized inks which are sourced from standard companies which ensure perfect colour matching for your brand.

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Packaging Exclusively Crafted for your Product!

We know your product requirements, hence we craft an effective packaging solution that attracts the eyeballs of your customer and makes your product stand out! For Sanitary Napkins we use LDPE/LLDPE Pouches which are exclusively designed for the packaging of Healthcare Products. These Low-Density Polyethylene Plastic Bags is the top choice for the Biopharmaceutical and Medical Industries. It involves a clean and hygienic manufacturing process that gives high-quality output and safeguards the products in extreme conditions. Its lower density helps to break down more easily for immediate use. Also, we ensure that your Brand gets the highlight with an accurate colour print and seamless finish. Hence, you get the best print quality as we use Rotogravure Printing which has highly optimized inks to give the perfect packaging to your product. The gusseting over the edges is just an add-on to the ultimate packaging solution.


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Cost-Effective Packaging Solution: LDPE Packaging Pouches are the Top choice for Pharmaceutical companies as it is the best cost-efficient packaging solution that comes with High Quality and Hygiene. This makes it stand out from all other available options and the perfect fit for healthcare products. 


Rotogravure Printing for Premium Print Quality: To make your brand visible on the pouches, highly optimized inks are used to match your brand colour and label that ensures that your product hit the market with brand visibility and approaches the customer’s eyeballs with great packaging. 


Hygienic and Clean Manufacturing Process: Developing LDPE Packaging Pouches is a very clean and hygienic process as the products are directly connected to the Health Care Sector, hence the cleanliness and hygiene practices are strictly followed.


Gusseting for an Attractive Look: The gusseting done over the edges of the packets gives a seamless and attractive look to the packaging and makes your product stand out in the market.


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Mostly used in packing of sanitary napkins.


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Technical Specifications

The pouches are customized to client needs with multicolor printing and sizes. Our product can be made capable to pack any size of sanitary pads with any number of packing.


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We offer customized packaging solutions to meet your unique requirements. Tell us what kind of packaging you are looking for and how it should be designed. And we put our heart and soul to create the packaging accordingly.

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