Seam Sealing Tapes

The hardest part of the manufacturing of PPE Gowns is saving the seam to be failed in possible tests from the clients. We have an easy solution for you for this problem. JPPL is manufacturing Seam Sealing Tapes in India with completely Indian technology. Our product is used by multiple PPE manufacturers and is appreciated. We have both heat activated and self adhesive tapes in this.


Heat Activated Seam Tapes


First time made in India with best quality compared to any imported products. Bonds instantly at application temperature of 250 degrees. Already being used by multiple prime manufacturers.


Self Adhesive Seam Sealing


Easy to apply and highly sticky self adhesive seam sealing tapes are made with hotmelt glue technology to make sure you PPE kits pass the international standards for levels of exposure to the contaminated environment.

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A lot of methods other than seam sealing tapes have been used to seal the holes in seams of fabrics. These may include seam welding, the use of liquid sealants, or traditional seam sealing tapes. These methods have their disadvantages. Modern seam sealing tapes have covered these problems an have shown betterment for the purpose of their use. Let’s have a look at their advantages and the disadvantages of the previous methods.


Adhesion and Endurance


Different types of wear and garments have to be in use for a long period. They are to be washed, dried, and chemically cleaned. Seam welding and liquid sealants can be prone to early decay. Whereas, the seam sealing tape is designed to last long and to not be harmed by washing or drying.


Safe to Use


The Seam Sealing Tape is known to have anti-bacterial as well as anti-viral properties too. This is the one of the major reasons why it is now being used in the manufacturing of sports gears and also in PPE kits for medical staff treating COVID patients.


Customization of the Tapes


The tape can be customized to your specific needs. Not only in terms of chemical needs but also aesthetic requirements. Colours can be changed or your logo or desired design can be printed on the tape. They can be hued in your desired color. The size, thickness, and number of layers are also customizable.


Moderate Expenses


Seam sealing tapes are manufactured using inexpensive yet quality polymers. This decreases the manufacturing cost considerably and enables you to use the product as per your need and to worry less about the cost.


Resistant to Yellowing


Conventional tapes on exposure to sunshine, bad weather, or heat may turn yellow. Such decoloration deteriorates the look of the product and makes it aesthetically unpleasant for use. Seam Sealing tapes are chemically designed so to resist any such decoloration.




The conventional tapes, used for different purposes, are usually colored. This gives the fabric a look as if they are bandaged by the tape. Dissimilar to them, seam sealing tapes are almost invisible. For a person not paying much heed, it is difficult to differentiate them from the fabric. This feature not only saves the original design as it is but makes it a much better choice than seam welding or liquid sealants which do leave their mark.


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Applications and Uses

When fabrics are sewed, tiny holes form in their seams, the primary function of a seam sealing tape, as the name suggests, is to seal such holes. This helps to make the gear or wears water and humidity proof.


The primary garments on which a seam sealing tape is used are:


- Rain jackets or clothing

- Sports suits

- Diving wears

- Military wears

- Tents and awnings

- Footwear and boots

- Protective gears


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1. Antimicrobial film technology
2. 100% indian technology and product
3. Works with almost any seam sealing machine
4. High quality and high bond strength

Technical Specifications

Specially formulated backing film
Backing Thickness
0.100 mm (100 Microns)
Total Thickness
0.140 mm (140 Microns)
Softening Point
100 Degrees C
Type of Adhesive
P-EVA-HM Adhesive
Adhesion to Steel
Elongation at Break
400 % min.
Tensile Strength
> 10 N / 25 mm (min.)
Break Down Voltage
UV Resistance
upto 12 months

Frequently Asked Questions

A seam sealing tape is a modern-day industry hot-melt adhesive tape. Generally, it consists of two layers. The first layer is heat-reflecting and mostly made of polyethylene. The second layer is thermosetting composed of uncured polyurethane or polyester. These tapes make a very high bond when applied to the fabric with a heat seam sealing machine.

The seam sealing tape is available in different options. You need to select the right one based on your requirements:


The Material: You need to check out the material of the seam sealing tape depending upon the purpose. It can come up in different material options such as surgical, fabric, and many others.


The Type: There are different types that you will find in these tapes such as single sided, double side, especially for PPE kits, and so on. Get the right one based on your requirements.


The Dimension: Of course, you need to give importance to the dimension of the tape. These tapes are available in different dimensions. You can look out for the right size, the tape length, and the tape width while choosing the right one for you.


Hence, based on these various factors, you can choose the right seam sealing tape that is best suited for you. But in case you are still confused, our experts can surely guide you in getting the right one for you. We are just a call away and you can always choose from a wide range of options that we have been offering.

Industries manufacturing waterproof gears and wears of different kinds have to make their product impenetrable by water and humidity. The only working remedy of which is a seam sealing tape.

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