How JPPL Manufactures Quality Seam Sealing Tape

Seam sealing tapes are waterproof tapes that are applied over any sewn piece to protect it from water, especially to prevent water to get inside the tapes. These tapes are applied using a hot air taping machine & its application can be seen in varieties of things, that include outwear, tents, footwear, waders, military garments, etc. Seam tape is a layer of tape made from a polyurethane film. The polyurethane film is placed under the sewn seam to block water that can come inside through the needle holes. The tapes act as a dam. It prevents water to get inside your tent, dress, kit, etc.

Jagannath Polymers Pvt. Ltd., abbreviated as JPPL, is a leading manufacturer of BOPP tapes in India. It was established in Jaipur, Rajasthan, 20 years ago. The company has served more than 100 satisfied customers all over the world. The company is a leading manufacturer of seam sealing tapes around the globe. The company is a solution provider, researcher & technological hub of packaging in the nation. The activities of the firm include product advice, making products from the scratch, delivering world-class products through extensive research.

One of the prime targets of this company is to make innovative products without taking a huge toll on the environment. The company is driven by values. It believes in professionalism in its work culture. The company has been awarded an exporter of the year 2020 small business award by Franchise India. It has acquired many certifications over the years, to name a few, certificate of incorporation, certificate of ISO 9001, MSME certification, Plex council certification, ROHS certification, CE certification, PMAR certification, JIA certification, etc.

Seam sealing tapes manufactured by JPPL

We all know how important PPE kits have become in today’s world. And it has become even more important to deliver a quality PPE kit which will stand through every test that includes seam testing. The seam sealing tapes manufactured by JPPL is a promising product that will help your company to get through the test & you will be able to deliver a quality PPE kit every time without any miss. The seam sealing tapes produced by JPPL are already accepted & widely recognized in the market for their quality. The tapes are a make in India initiative, manufactured by using completely Indian technology. The tapes produced by the company are of two types, i.e., heat-activated & self-adhesive tapes.

Heat-activated seam tapes

The heat-activated seam tapes produced by JPPL are already widely appreciated by multiple companies for their temperature resistance up to 250 degrees. The tapes are of the best quality compared to other tapes in the market. The quality of the products even match international standard & beat the imported products.

Self-adhesive seam sealing

The self-adhesive seam sealing tapes are made using hotmelt glue technology. These are easy to apply & stick highly along the surface or the product without any hassle. These tapes are made in such a way that the PPE kits pass through the test, match the international standard & can withstand the contaminated environment.

Features of the seam sealing tapes manufactured by JPPL

The tapes produced by JPPL are of superior quality that matches the imported product quality, made from antimicrobial film technology. The tapes are manufactured using 100% Indian technology & products to solidify the make in India initiative. The tapes have high quality with a high bond strength that works with any seam sealing machine to protect your PPE kits.

Technical specifications of the seam sealing tapes manufactured by JPPL

The seam sealing tapes manufactured by the company are backed by specially formulated backing films to make them withstand more strength & to make them more durable. The colors of the seam sealing tapes are mainly blue & black color, though it can be customized according to the needs & requirements of customers. The thickness of the tapes is 100 microns with a softening point of 100 degrees Celsius. The type of adhesive used to make the tapes is P-EVA-HM adhesive. The breakpoint after being elongated is 400% minimum with a tensile strength of greater than 10N/25 mm. And the UV resistance is of up to 12 months.

Usage of seam sealing tapes manufactured by JPPL

The primary objective of seam sealing tapes is to cover the sewn holes when a product is made to protect it from water leakage or environmental contamination. It also makes the product humidity proof. The garments in which seam sealing tapes are used are rain jackets, PPE kits, Military wears, diving wears, diving wears, tents, footwear, protective gear, etc.

Manufacturing of seam sealing tapes manufactured by JPPL

The seam sealing tapes are manufactured by applying hot melt adhesives in the seam sealing tapes. The hot melt adhesive is heated & applied to the fabric to make it the outcome. The machine which is used to apply the product is called a heat seam sealing machine, it is specialized machinery that is used for this purpose only to apply adhesive in the seam sealing machine.

Advantages of the seam sealing tapes manufactured by JPPL

There are a lot of advantages of seam sealing tapes other than sealing the holes caused by sewing. Let’s have a look at the advantages of the seam sealing tapes manufactured by JPPL.

Adhesion & endurance

The seam sealing tapes are manufactured using strong adhesion that can endure different types of wear & garments. Those garments are meant to be cleaned, washed & dried. And seam sealing tapes can withstand those things & last longer than traditional seam welding & liquid sealant. The garments remain unharmed from washing & drying.

Safe to use

The seam sealing tapes manufactured by JPPL have antibacterial properties. This is the major reason why medical units use seam sealing tapes for finishing up the PPE kits used for COVID patients & staff. The tapes are also used to protect sports gear.

Customization available

The most useful advantage of the seam sealing tapes manufactured by JPPL is that the tapes can be customized according to the requirement of the customers. The colors can be changed; the logo can be put to highlight the brand name. The thickness, size, and a number of layers can also be customized according to the need of the client.

This is how JPPL is making quality seam sealing tapes over the years & making its name in the market.

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