Water Based Acrylic Adhesives

JPPL has started production of water based adhesives with acrylic emulsion pressure sensitive technology. The water based adhesives are Acrylic Polymer Emulsions. These are customized with variety of chemicals to suit the end application. Our water based adhesives offer high tack, perfect shear strength with instant bond. These can be customized with non transfer, crystal clear or no noise technologies for specialty tapes.

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The Replacement of Traditional Adhesives!

A lot of industries are using water-based adhesive tapes these days for their regular activities. It is due to the amazing features of the water-based adhesives that they have recently replaced the options of liquid adhesive, spot welds, and others. Overall, it can be said that these adhesives are an evolution in the option of the adhesive industry lately.

Before knowing more about their features and benefits, it would be a great idea to know more about the tape water based adhesive.


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Apart from being environment-friendly, what are the qualities that make this tape water based adhesive a favorite in many industries today? Here are some of the features of the water-based adhesive that can be counted upon.


Heat Resistance


Water-based adhesives are known to have higher heat resistance. Thus, even when it is exposed to extreme temperatures, it makes sure to stay intact in its place.


Chemical Resistance


These adhesives are also resistant to different chemicals. So, if accidents happen and the adhesive comes in contact with any chemical, there are lesser chances that the surface will get damaged.


Water Resistance


Most of the shipping companies today make use of the tape water based adhesive due to its water-resistance properties. Often a shipping package may get exposed to weather conditions such as rain that may damage the seal. The water-based adhesive keeps the seal intact even when the package is exposed to such conditions.




The tape water based adhesive has proven its durability and high tack over time now. You can always rely upon the water-based adhesive due to its properties and also its high strength.




The best part is that with so many beneficial properties, the water-based adhesive is much cheaper in cost in comparison to many other adhesives available in the market.


Convenient in Usage


These adhesives are also highly convenient in terms of their usage. They are extremely light in weight so that you can handle them much conveniently. They can be used on diverse surfaces and can be an amazing substitute for the regular glue. Also, the tapes with water-based adhesive have excellent peel strength.


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Applications and Uses

Majorly used in manufacturing of pressure sensitive BOPP tapes and jumbo rolls.


When talked about this amazing adhesive, they can be used in a wide number of areas actually based on their types. There are mainly four types that are used.


- The vegetable adhesives are the most-commonly used option due to their fantastic finish.

- Animal adhesive is made from protein found in animal milk and such adhesive is commonly used in joining glasses.

- Polymer adhesive or also known as resin adhesive is mostly used for various surfaces such as paper, wood, and others.

- Latex adhesive is another most-commonly used water-based adhesive that is used for bonding and also on surfaces such as leather, fabric, and others.


So, depending upon the place where you wish to use the adhesive, you can choose the right one. So, what are the industries where these adhesives actually are used?


Well, there are many areas today where these adhesives are being utilized. There are many others that are slowly introducing them. Here are some of the most common places where they are currently used.

- Lamination and bonding

- Automobile industries

- Paint masking

- Packaging industry

- Exterior industrial applications

- Interior industrial applications

- Furnishing and many others


Apart from these above-mentioned areas, there can be also many other places where these adhesives can be used based on their different types and qualities. If you wish to make use of these water-based adhesives, you need to understand how you are going to use them.


Currently, the tape water based adhesive has got popular in many industries and areas due to their beneficial properties. These are available in different types and you might get confused at times about it. But you can get in touch with our experts in such a situation to understand which type can be the best one for your usage. We offer you all types of water-based adhesive that are environment friendly in nature and also have high durability nature. Our experts can guide you in getting the best options so that you can have the best results in whatever industry you are dealing with.


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Technical Specifications

Type: Water based Emulsion


Chemical Composition: Synthetic Acrylic Resin Emulsion


Appearance: Milky White Emulsion


% Solid content: 55 +/- 1


Viscosity at 30ºC by ford cup B4 Size: 18 – 24 sec


pH: 8 to 10


Tack (Rolling ball method) application on BOPP film (18-25 micron coating): 4 to 7 cm


Suggested Application Method: Mayer Bar


Pack Size: 220 KG HDPE Drums

Frequently Asked Questions

The water-based adhesive is mainly an environment-friendly adhesive technology. This adhesive formulation is mostly free from any kind of volatile organic compounds. This makes them harmless not just for the environment but also for the humans.

So how does the tape water based adhesive actually work?

Once the adhesive is applied on the surface, the water in the adhesive is absorbed in the surface or gets evaporated. What stays behind is a strong formulation of adhesive that sticks on the surface. Due to this process, it has recently become one of the most popular choices in different industries.

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