8 Food Packaging Trends You Need To Be Aware Of In 2021

Food packaging is the outer layer that protects the actual edible products from the outside. It saves the food from getting contaminated during transport & makes sure that the product gets delivered to the doorstep of the customer without any harm. So, the food packaging is as important as the food inside it. It will help in giving the food extra shelf life.
Food packaging is done to prevent the food from contamination from biological, chemical & physical sources. Also, it prevents tampering with food products.

In ancient times, paper packaging was used for the packing of food products, as we move forward towards the up-gradation of civilization; the methods of food packaging had changed over time. There are three kinds of packaging available in the food packaging industry, i.e., primary packaging, secondary packaging & tertiary packaging. Primary packaging usually refers to the main packaging that wraps & holds the food when it is being made. Secondary packaging is the packaging that holds the primary packaging in one box. And tertiary packaging is the packaging that serves all the secondary packaging in one palette.

Here are a few tips & trends to look for while choosing food packaging in 2021.

Enabling technological solution

Technology has now overtaken the packaging market also. The over the top packaging products that are embedded with NFC chips, QR codes or smart labels are the best option to incorporate in the new technological packaging products. Smart labels & QR codes can be accessed through smartphones. Consumers can know about the details with the smartphones they have. Smart packaging also ensures flavor & quality by maintaining the temperature, ph, fermentation to have long-lasting freshness. Technology embedded packaging is now used by global FMCG giants as well as cosmetics companies.

Engaging emotionally

Attracting customers with attractive packaging is as important as engaging them emotionally. They want to be a part of the advertisement which is shown in the package. They should connect themselves well so that the product can market for itself. Emotional content works great for advertising, social media marketing, etc. Packaging has great importance for reflecting the brand’s vision & philosophy. If the tagline, the logo is displayed properly then customers can relate themselves with the company accordingly. The target age group can also be engaged by the packaging itself.

Designing carefully

The designs of the outer packaging have to be decided carefully. Vintage designs are in vogue these days; it also has a nostalgic touch. The older generation can relate themselves as well as the younger generation. It reminds them of the period of happy times when things were simpler. Designs like these trigger emotions of people. This packaging appeals to the older generation as well as the Millenials. So, a larger age group can be attracted by the cover of products. In short, packaging designs carry amazing power to attract a customer that in turn can increase the sales. Hence, profit will also increase.

Choosing the labeling

Labeling is also an integral part of choosing the packaging of any product. A survey predicted that nearly 38% of consumers are likely to be attracted & purchase newly launched products with clear information. People are becoming conscious of what they eat. Food packaging materials must contain information about the ingredients, manufacturing dates, and expiry dates. Consumers are likely to choose products with clear labeling. That will also upscale the brand identity.

Increasing portability

Consumers these days mostly prefer portable food packaging that can be carried, held & grabbed. They are leading an on-the-go lifestyle. Brands are looking for meeting the needs of the customers & making such packaging that can cater to the need of the new-age customers. Large food companies are now offering on the go packaging that can be handled while walking & cycling, these have a hooked system that can be useful to carry food, hence it will increasing the portability.


Personalized food packaging is now in demand these days. And companies are now entertaining the requirement to maintain the demand for the company. People these days are now preferring personalized products for gifting purposes as well as to give their own company a unique touch. According to data, more than 50% of the gen Z & Millenials desire to have their personalized products. Manual personalized packaging includes customization of bags, boxes, stickers, gift tags to increase the brand appeal.

Gradient coloring

Studies say that more than 70% of consumers find colors, graphics, and shapes attractive when it comes to the packaging of the products. Gradient packaging is now on-trend in the matter of designs & coloring. It adds depth & complexity to the designs that customers find intriguing. In the case of, vintage & minimalistic packaging gradient packaging uses flashy colors to bring attention to the products. It is important to keep in mind that the packaging needs to be subtle to stand out.


It becomes very important to choose sustainable packaging in this hour. We are having a wake-up call to address environmental issues. That’s why it is the need of the hour to choose sustainable packaging. The push has caused the global conglomerate to ditch the plastic packaging material & choose biodegradable, recyclable products to provideī sustainable packaging to the consumers. It is found in a study 84% of the consumers are willing to pay extra for environment-friendly packaging. So, food packaging has also become greener over the years. Paper packaging is also increasing every day. Even a few companies are opting for edible packaging to make the world greener initiative a boost.

The role of food packaging has been increasing over the years. And it has multiple benefits other than covering the food. These are a few trends to look for in 2021 for packaging your food.

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