Everything You Need To Know About PPE & Double PPE Packing

Life after the recent pandemic has completely changed. Protecting ourselves has become of utmost importance during this period. But protection of those healthcare workers who take care of us is even more important. And that can only be achieved when they wear protection from head to toe.

The importance & demand have been rising rapidly for PPE kits since the requirement of the head to toe protection is required now more than ever. Protecting ourselves is now a priority as the virus we are dealing with is likely to spread from us to others around us. Health care workers are the most vulnerable yet work as the medium that will spread the virus unintentionally. So, they need special up-to-date protection to save themselves & us. Not only wearing a PPE kit helps them but also proper implementation is required along with proper hygiene & waste management.

If you follow the WHO guideline, a PPE kit or personal protective equipment consists of garments that are made to protect health care workers & other persons who get around them. The kit consists of many items, i.e., face shields, gloves, masks, head cover, rubber boots, face protection, gown & coverall, etc. Below we will discuss the types of PPE.

  • Masks: masks are meant to cover the nasal area including your mouth. Masks can be of different materials. That can be a cotton mask, polyester mask, different embroidered masks, embellished masks. But whatever the outer material is, according to WHO guideline, you must wear a triple layer mask which will protect you from the virus. It will be useful to minimize the risk of catching the virus. Special respiratory masks form a tight seal around the mouth & nose.
  • Gloves: Gloves are meant to protect hands from the microbes that may infect you & will also minimize the spreading of the virus.
  • Eye protection: Eye protection is as important as mouth & nasal protection.
  • Clothing: clothing includes aprons, shoe covers, head covering, gowns & everything others that we need to wear to protect ourselves from the virus.

How to choose the perfect PPE:

It is important to consider a few points before you decide to buy a PPE kit for yourself or your loved ones. The factors you need to keep in mind before making any purchase are as following:

  • The exposure level: the very basic thing you need to consider before purchasing a PPE kit is the exposure level. Such as, the surfaces, sprays, splashes, or bodily fluids which may affect the body by seeping through the clothes. You need to buy the right PPE by keeping in mind the category of patient is under treatment.
  • Durability & appropriateness: This point has to be kept in mind before you choose a gown or apron. If a gown fulfills your requirement, you need to think about what type of gown you may need. There are various kinds of gown & aprons. Such as fluid proof, fluid resistance, neither or both.
  • Fitting: the fitting of the PPE kit must be good. Or, it must come with a proper seal. If the gloves you wear is too tight or too lose it won’t serve you any purpose. The level of protection will also be affected. The dexterity of health care workers will also be compromised.

Why do we need PPE pouches?

The pouches of PPE kits in which they are packed are as important as the kit itself. They protect the actual product from the outer environment. The PPE kit pouches are made from plastic liners which are mainly used for industrial packaging applications. Such liners are used to line inside woven sacks & paper cartons. They provide moisture-free contents that improve the shelf life of the goods.

Features of PPE kit pouches:

  • The PPE kit pouches are a cost-efficient solution to your every problem, from spoilage to spillage.
  • They protect the content from moisture & water.
  • The pouches are laboratory tested with guaranteed proven material.
  • They are waterproof, hygienic to use with good durability.
  • They are made using highly optimized ink that doesn’t transfer.

Application of PPE kit pouches:

The PPE kit pouches are used to pack liquid or solid products. They are largely used inside boxes, drums & woven sacks. It prevents from spoilage & spillage.

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