Tips on Using Floor Marking Warning Tape

Signages and barricades are often used to segregate an accident zone from others. But often these barricades may accidentally shift from their position and this can cause other accidents. In such a case, the floor marking warning tape is a great option that can be used with or without barricades to highlight a particular spot or zone.

So, majorly such tapes are useful in highlighting a particular place where an accident has taken place or places that can cause accidents such as a construction site. These tapes are quite durable and can stay up at their place for long ensuring proper safety.

Applications of Floor Marking Warning Tape:

There are several places where the floor marking warning tape options can be used for the purpose of safety and precaution. Here are some of the common applications of these tapes.

  • Bringing in the notice to the people about a hazard,
  • Safety from the electric panel,
  • Designing the lanes for machinery,
  • Marking for the edges at loading docks,
  • Marking areas that are restricted for authorized staffs,
  • Highlighting areas beyond which there can be dangerous such as the morgue room in a hospital.

So, the floor marking warning tapes have its applications in different industries. These tapes can be used depending upon the requirement and the purposes.

Floor Marking Warning Tapes and Its Colours-

These floor marking warning tapes are available in different colors. The use of the right color depends upon the purpose as well as the danger level.

  • The tapes that are available in the color yellow are used for highlighting areas that have mild danger or hazards.
  • The orange-colored tapes are used for places that have high risk such as somewhere around the electric circuits.
  • In an extreme situation, the red-colored tapes are used as they indicate immediate danger. The red tapes are not just to provide knowledge but also to highlight stop buttons, fire extinguishers, and others that can offer help in a situation of danger.

Workplaces that have got such indications properly highlighted with the right choice of colors are usually safe to work. Visual communication is much convenient than the written notices that often get ignored. These tapes grab the attention of the people due to their color and this way people get alert about the danger or the hazard that they should stay away from.

Why Should You Use Floor Marking Warning Tapes?

Earlier paint and similar items were used for highlighting a place or to send out an immediate alert. With the introduction of these tapes, many people stopped the use of paint and started using floor marking warning tape options. There are several reasons why these tapes have turned out to be a great option than the paint.

• Easy and Convenient:

The most immediate benefit is that the tapes are much convenient to apply than the paint. While using paint, you need to spend hours preparing the paint and then applying it to a particular area. Also, when you have applied the paint, you need to wait for some time till the paint dries else it can get damaged and the message can tamper. This is not the case of the tapes. You just have to peel the backside cover and you can instantly paste it wherever you wish to. It will also not take up much time and the whole work gets over in much lesser time.

• Ease of Removing:

Not just the tapes have ease of applying but also ease of removing them when required. When you have applied paint, you may have to use different chemicals to remove the paint if needed. But when you have applied the tapes, you can simply peel off the tape from the floor or the surface without much hassle. Also, when you have peeled off the tape from the surface, there is no such residue left on the surface if you are using a good quality tape. Often in the case of the paints, there are chances that the floor or the surface may get damaged.

• Non-Toxic:

Paints often emit toxic gases that can cause breathing trouble and other issues for the person who is applying the paint. Even when the paint has dried, it can emit a strong smell that can cause irritation and headache to the people around the area. The tapes are non-toxic and are absolutely safe for application. Also, there is no such problem caused by other people due to the application of the tapes.

Today, a wide number of people are making of the floor marking warning tape options in place of other options in different industries. The usage of these tapes is convenient and safe that has made it quite popular over time. By making the right choice in terms of the right floor marking warning tapes and from the right place can help in offering the best results.

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