Top 9 Sustainable Packaging Trends in 2021

Sustainable packaging is the type of packaging that is developed over the years so that sustainability persists & packaging doesn’t take a toll on the environment. This process involves increasing the life cycle of inventory & assessing the life cycle of the package which helps to reduce the ecological footprint. Sustainable packaging refers to developing, sourcing & using packaging solutions in such a way that will have a lower environmental impact. It is earth-friendly & doesn’t cause depletion of natural resources.

How Eco-friendly packaging can be made

Few ideas for eco-friendly & environmentally packaging are-

  • While manufacturing sustainable packaging, it is important to use environmentally friendly packaging. Such as paperboard, plastic, cardboard & other materials are reconstituted to make sustainable packaging.
  • To make sustainable packaging one must consider unique with innovative ideas & high tech materials.
  • Sustainable packaging is manufactured so that they have a lesser footprint on the environment and the best process to meet the sustainable packaging is to go natural & opt for environment-friendly packaging.
  • Rethink the packaging in such a way that new ideas come up exhibiting the latest technology that does not impact the environment.

Top ideas for sustainable packaging

Here are a few ideas for sustainable packaging that you can follow.

Shifting to mono-material or single-layer plastic: companies generally use composite & laminates. As single plastic cannot withstand all the extremities, it needs all the outside barriers to make it through. It also helps the products to get extra shelf life with a multilayer of plastics. So while producing the packaging, manufacturing companies need to understand the issue of recyclability & innovation. The packaging producing firm must accommodate the entire layer into a single layer so that consumers or the user companies are bound to shift towards using the single-layer packaging. That will lead to sustainable packaging which will have a lesser impact on the environment compared to multi-layer.
Reducing plastic components: plastic is the most harmful element to our environment. if we want to make a change to the environment & have a positive impact on the earth, we have to reduce the usage of plastic. Plastic packaging is ruining ecological balance and creating a negative impact on every living being. So, the first step would be to reduce & remove the excess plastic from product packaging, it will in turn help in recyclability. Eventually, the environment would be less impacted by plastic packaging. Overstuffing, plastic material from the packaging needs to be removed fully to make the packaging sustainable in terms of ecology.

Replacing with Bio-plastic: the popularity of bio-degradable packaging is on the rise because of its properties. The packaging is bio-degradable in soil. That is why it has become a trend in the packaging industry to remove plastic & replace it with bioplastic. There are many varieties available in the market, i.e., PLA, water-soluble films. Bioplastic is a great substitute for conventional plastic packaging. Though marine life still gets affected with bioplastic it still can make a change to the world if we deploy enough collection & recycling systems.

Replacing with paper: As bioplastic is on the rage to substitute the use of plastic, similarly paper packaging is also encouraged to beat the issues like environmental degradation & to increase sustainable packaging. Paper works as a substitute for bioplastic which cannot be controlled if proper deployment doesn’t happen. A few paper packaging is paper cups, bags, etc. This is a case of carbon shifting that will lessen the carbon footprint on the earth. But, it is feared that this will increase eutrophication & acidification.

Reusing the packaging: reusing the old packaging item can be pretty difficult but this is the process of recyclability. this will also encourage us to handle the packaging in a better way, like tearing & throwing away the packaging. We must learn to preserve & reuse the packaging to address environmental issues. & it is also important to ensure the material is strong & durable to withstand high temperature, washing & sterilizing. The reusable material must have the quality of withstanding collection, refill, wash, etc.

Increasing the recyclable material: not only producing & shifting will eliminate the plastic packaging but also producer houses need to increase the recycling material. If we keep on doing recycling, significant development will keep on occurring. Large manufacturing houses will be able to introduce their product with recycled material without compromising on the shelf-life, appearance, texture & quality.

Using material that has less carbon footprint: this line has a double meaning. It suggests taking the raw material from the nearby manufacturer to save the transport fuel. On the other hand, it suggests to plastic packaging if it consists of more carbon footprint than the paper packaging ones.

Adapting wood-based plastic: after paper packaging, wood-based packaging is quite popular among the manufacturers in terms of sustainable packaging. Wood-based products are renewable throughout their life cycle. It also ensures less carbon footprint on the planet. A few products such as paper, plywood, biocomposites, pulp, etc.

Sourcing materials from certified: we all know how packaging is made & how plastic packaging can affect our generation & the economy. so, it is often suggested to source materials from the certified.

these are a few ideas of sustainable packaging trends that you need to be aware of.

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