Why People Choose Floor Marking Tapes Over Other Options?

Floor marking tape has plenty of benefits & usage. It is used by industrial spaces & manufacturing units to mark territory for giving direction, marking any hazard, dividing spaces & creating an aisle. It is often described as a tricky subject by warehouses & factories. These are widely available in different colors, patterns, shapes, & sizes. There are also a few floors marking tapes glow in dark. But straight-line tapes are the simple & most popular ones.

Floor tapes have many benefits. Customers can also customize them according to their needs. A few of the benefits of floor marking tapes are-

  • No Fumes: It doesn’t release fumes during application on the floor like floor painting does.
  • Easy installation: Floor marking tapes are easy to install, you just need a roller to press when you attempt to apply them on the floor.
  • Customizable: You can customize them in any color, shape & size according to the need.
  • Inexpensive: They are inexpensive compared to the other tools that are used for the same purpose.
  • Durable: Floor marking tapes are durable & last year if not burnt or torn.
  • Indicates hazards: These tapes are used to indicate hazards and to reduce the number of accidents.
  • Easy to access: It becomes easy to access equipment or first aid in any marked area. Also, it is easier to exit in any event of an emergency.
  • Reduce confusion: It marks any hazardous area, so it reduces any confusion in case of any emergency event.
  • Easy to navigate: It is easier to navigate any marked area around any large area.
  • Easy to understand: it provides universal signs & visual messages which is not affected by any language barriers.
  • Don’t obstruct: These tapes are very thin and do not come in the way or obstruct access.

In this article, we will discuss a few tips to choose floor marking tapes based on your working area.

Environmental conditions

While choosing any floor marking tape, one might need to consider the environment it would be applied to. If harsh environmental exposure is there, it will be wiser to choose sturdy tapes with longevity & durability. The environmental condition can affect the tapes in such a way that it can manipulate the result at any time. If one is choosing for outdoor marking, he needs to consider the exposure to water, temperature shifts, UV lights, dirt & debris, similarly for indoor purposes, the tape will be less sturdy than the outdoor ones.

Wear and Tear

Before investing in floor marking tapes, one should consider the wear & tear factor that the tapes have to go through. The marking will last longer which will just be walked upon only, but the tapes which will be driven over will tend not to last longer than the previous one. Floor marking tape comes in a variety of color options for low traffic areas to find the way out & 5s application. Warehouse facilities mainly use a more durable option to withstand wear & tear so that the tapes can go a long way. A few tapes are made from PVC films so that it minimizes the chances of the potential damage caused by a heavy object. Some tapes are made to use with forklifts & other machine traffic.


The proper application one must know so that the tapes can cater to his needs. There are plenty of tapes available in the industry. Choosing from this lot can be a difficult task. Below are the categories that are divided based on the characteristics.

  • Aisle tape: aisle tapes are meant to withstand heavy traffic that includes abuse from forklifts, pedestrians, hand trucks, etc. It is an online safe walking area for driving lanes for forklifts.
  • Glow in dark tape: This tape is meant for emergencies & to show some path for the low light area. These are made of high-quality material to highlight egress pathways.
  • Reflective tapes: These tapes have multiple-year outdoor lifespans. The selection range of the tapes goes from prismatic tape to conspicuity tape. High-powered conspicuity tapes are used in the transportation sector, and prismatic reflective tapes are used in the engineering sector. These tapes comply with NHTSA standard/DOT 2.
  • Anti-Slip Tape: these anti-slit tapes include coarse, extra coarse & standard tapes. The varieties that the tapes come in with are hazard stripes, solid colors, glow-in-the-dark, etc.
  • Floor signs: The prime work for the tapes is to create a safe environment in the industrial units with marking. With easy-to-read signs, to create awareness, the importance of the tapes is unparallel. Floor signs tapes are ideal for simple messages.

These are a few tried & tested tips to choose floor marking tapes for your industrial unit.

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